SICP 1.3 exercises


(define (simpson f a b n)
  (define h (h-func a b n))
  (define (yk k) (f (+ a (* k h))))
  (define (g x)
    (cond ((or (= 0 x) (= x n)) (yk x))
          ((even? x) (* 2 (yk x)))
          (else (* 4 (yk x)))))
  (/ (* h
      (sum g 0 inc n)) 3))

(integral cube 0 1 0.01)

(simpson cube 0 1 100.0)

(integral cube 0 1 0.001)

(simpson cube 0 1 1000.0)

I think guile does some kind of optimization. I also had to increase the stack limit. This exercise was mindbending to start with, but some concentrated thinking eventually yielded a working answer.


(define (sum-2 term a next b)
  (define (iter a result)
    (if (> a b)
      (iter (next a) (+ (term a) result))))
  (iter a 0))

This was pretty straightforward.

Comments: A head start into 1.3! 1.2 was valuable in the way it makes you think about processes. This chapter seems to be more fun though.


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