New Years Resolution (2013)

My New Year’s resolution for 2013 is to post daily on this blog.

I’m hoping that this ambitious goal will aid my personal development. Over the past year, with how busy school and work has been I feel like I’ve barely improved my programming skills. Something needs to change this year and the most concrete thing I can think of changing is my use of this blog. I believe that if I take it more seriously – and I’d have to be pretty serious to post every day – then I will be able to reap a range of benefits.

The most important benefit is to enforce consistency. By having to post here daily, I have to have something to write about. If there is nothing to write about, then chances are I wasn’t very productive that day. This helps me remind myself to be a better coder, as slight as it may be, than yesterday. If I haven’t done anything productive and the day ends, then I will have to honestly post that here as well. I’m sure future-me will provide reasonable excuses.

Another benefit is writing practice. Theoretically if I write something every day, even something as informal as this blog, then I will improve a very important skill that is relevant in all contexts in the English speaking world. It would certainly be a nice side effect to gain the ability to write more engaging posts.

Perhaps less usefully, my future self will be able to see how I develop over time. That should be interesting and maybe I can even use it to analyze my own strengths and weaknesses the way football players analyze film.

Finally, writing my thoughts down should help me organize them and retain whatever I may have learned that day. I’ve heard that writing things in my own words is an important tool for truly learning content.

Let’s see if I can keep this resolution. It’ll be hard!


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