Stress and Clojure (not related)

<mini rant> Why do students not test their homework code before submitting it? Do they even care?</mini rant>

Final stretch of what has been the most intense semester in grad school life. I love theoretical work, and I love working with compilers, and I love working on research, (I don’t really love grading student’s work) but altogether it’s making for an insanely stressful semester.

The answer to my shortage of time, of course, is to play around with a new programming language!

I recently went through the clojure koans which was quite fun. It gives me some insight into the clojure way, but I still have no idea how to write an application. I might try to go through some project euler questions to get more familiar with clojure, when I get the time or when I decide to procrastinate again.


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