Winter break!

Right now I have hot chocolate while I code away at Das Leben, my personal fork of La Vida. I have moved graphics rendering to Panda3D, a game engine written by the good people at Carnegie Mellon University and heavily used and supported by Disney. This is probably where I’m going to invest all my holiday time, because I really want to get something playable out before break ends. A long shot realistically, but I’m sure I’ll learn a few things anyway.

I’m really trying to write clean, high quality code, but for all the theory I learned from Code Complete and other papers and books, in the end I have to apply that theory. Unfortunately, this will likely result in mistakes and wrong directions but at least I’ll have some experience to serve as heuristics.

As for the game itself, right now a sample map can be run and sometime in the next week, I expect to reach feature parity with La Vida since I forked from it and overhauled the basic structure. It would help me a lot if people could test it and tell me what difficulties they had getting it to work on their system. I’m not focusing on packaging yet, but I want to make it as easy as possible to contribute, even if nobody actually does, and there is n bigger barrier than not being able to run the thing.


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