Emacs is best OS

Ok, jokes aside, emacs is my primary text editor. I think as a programmer, it’s quite important to choose either emacs or vim and stick with it. IDEs are great, but it seems to me that the flexibility of emacs (or vim) just can’t be beat. The problem is that at least for emacs (I dunno about vim as I don’t use it), it really is an investment in time. When people say choose and editor and stick with it, they mean stick with it.

Anyway, I didn’t make this post to convince anybody to use emacs, but to document additional tools that I have learned lately:

Org-mode: It turns out that emacs org-mode is really good note taking software. I use it for lectures now, and to create nice text tables.

Cscope: lately I’ve been trying to decipher some pretty huge pieces of open source software. Cscope is great for code browsing. I used to wonder why I couldn’t jump to function definitions like in IDEs but it turns out that Cscope does this and more.

Bookmarks: Inbuild emacs function that lets you jump to portions of code you saved bookmarks for. Another very useful command for learning a codebase.

My first foray into emacs was four years ago and I’m only just beginning to learn how to use more advance tools than simple text editing.


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