Stuff I’ve been doing

Nothing I especially want or need to say, but I figured I should record what I’ve been up to lately.

Had some fun with Codesprint. I solved a grand total of one question – the easiest one, which was a bit of a blow to my pride. Apparently that’s enough to qualify somebody to apply for a job now, but I don’t think I will. What I think I will do is practice these types of questions a bit more and familiarize myself better with common algorithms. Maybe I’ll try to solve a project euler problem each day or something.

School has been decent – it’s nice because I still have a lot of time to work on deficiencies that I have as a programmer in the large amounts of free time I have.

Some kids tried to rob me a couple of weeks ago, and now I’m quite nervous about walking around at night. But there are a lot of great opportunities to meet other nerds at night, such as the Python meetup group in Boston. If this keeps up, I might try to move to a better neighbourhood.

Oh, I signed up for the AI course that Stanford is currently offering. It’s free and obviously a very interesting subject.

I’ve taken to reading more open source code lately as practice. Cscope is great for this, I am finding.

Still reading up on OpenGL. Homework and Codesprint took time away from it, but I should have plenty of time in the next week.


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