TDD, Clean Code, still dunno much about code design.

I’ve decided to try out test driven development with my game. It takes some of the fun out of writing code, but it definitely makes me more confident about it. I haven’t pushed to github yet, because this third rewrite is not generally usable. I also bought Robert C Martin’s Clean Code which has the above image on the first page (at the Border’s clearing out sale (which I could have paid $10 less for from amazon – hooray for instant gratification).

So now I know the theory of writing code so  I later look back and lower my WTFs/minute rate, but practising it is still tough. In particular, I don’t even know if the overall design of my program is good. The problem with writing your own project is that there’s nobody to tell you that your code is shit. I think after I finish this game, I’m going to contribute more to existing projects for more constructive criticism.


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