End of the Semester

I have two exams next week and the semester is over!

Already I am having nerdy daydreams of working on my hobby projects. I definitely need to balance it out and look for actual paid employment somewhere, but besides sending a resume to Red Hat, I have been too busy to do anything. In any case, my experience with observing and contributing to the Bravo Minecraft server has taught me valuable information on git, and how I’ve been doing it wrong. It turns out that Github has amazing services and that I really should start using them. Therefore my immediate plan is to throw up La Vida onto a Github branch and improve my current game project, which is codename Touhou SRPG… which is exactly what it sounds like. Touhou SRPG is not currently under an Open Source license, but I’ll get to that. Doesn’t actually matter cause the code is horrible now that I look at it again, so nobody will want to use it anyway. I’ll probably keep sending small patches to Bravo as well, cause its educational. Hopefully with better project infrastructure, when I get started (haha) development speed will be much faster.


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