Too many fun projects!

The problem with getting into open source development, is that there are too many interesting projects going on. The three that I am currently most interested are GIMP, Unknown Horizons, and Bravo. Each of these projects teaches very interesting things, but I think I may need to focus on one especially with finals on the horizon.

As a noob, my own impact has been predictably minimal and often times I feel like an idiot, but I believe that it ultimately forces me to learn things to become a better developer. Like how my Wizard City sprint helped me fully get my head around the basic aspects of Python, talking to experienced devs on IRC and absorbing their generously given advice has truly made me more aware as a programmer. In fact, I think that just reading code without trying to force myself to contribute things has greatly helped. Baby Steps. 🙂


2 Comments on “Too many fun projects!”

  1. deardd says:

    I envy you…
    I always have been dreaming of being able to code like a pro..
    I loved c++ in the last two years of my high school and damn determined to get a chance to get admission in a university here… but the thing that pisses me off is the horrid entrance exam you gotta crack to get into.. 😦

    • jdshu says:

      Hehe take a look at “learn programming in 10 years”, link on this site. I am taking courses because I feel there are a lot of fundamentals that I find hard to understand without guidance and pushing, and because a degree should help me find a job easier. However, it’s really about writing code, reading code, getting involved in open source projects, reading more code, lurking IRC channels that have great coders etc.

      If you really really love coding and computers, then nothing is stopping you. It’s a great field to like! 😀

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