I am glad I know math

My Analysis of Algorithms course is pretty intense. Interestingly my background in financial mathematics is helping me out with the rather difficult combinatorial problems. I am not a math genius by any means, but its nice to be able to understand this stuff without really expending brain power.

Computer Architecture is also slightly challenging, but its straightforward subject. Unfortunately the lecturer seems to jump around a lot and confuses me quite a bit. I definitely need to brush up on C though. Maybe I’ll do that at the same time I familiartize myself with GTK. On a related note, currently, I’m learning Qt in conjunction with java through qt-jambi. I figure learning these libraries would probably be useful anyway.

As for User Interface Design, it seems to be a lot of abstract discussion for now, but I’ll probably get a better feel of it later.

All in all, I am very happy to be back in school with a clear goal. Oh by the way, Google Summer of Code 2011 was announced, so I will be applying to that, hopefully. I’d love to work on the GIMP or the radeon oss drivers (r600g especially), but I fear I don’t have the prerequisite knowledge.


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