Lucid again. HP netbooks suck. Need a new one.

So something got really messed up with the flashplugin in Maverick, so I decided to just go back to Ubuntu 10.04. Sticking to the LTS was really my original intent anyway, so whatever. So I guess I won’t upgrade Ubuntu until 2012.

This week, I tried to revive the HP 2133 mini netbook, a gift received a couple of years ago… but turns out it really is a POS. The BIOS is broken so that it can’t read usb drives, and trying to do a PXE boot is really a pain as its outside my area of expertise and a wrong move can bring down the whole house’s network. So far I’ve managed to actually boot into the Ubuntu image but can’t get the netbook to get online on an alternate install. Being that there are other things I want to do with my time, I’ve given up as even if I CAN install a new OS on it, I still have to fight with a broken BIOS. Btw, the netbook originally came with Windows Vista. It also has a VIA processor.

With school looming up ahead, and being only in possession of a desktop. I’m considering buying a new netbook. The best candidate seems to be the System 76 Starling Netbook but the price is rather hefty… about 100 dollars more than a Windows netbook bought somewhere else. I definitely prefer to do my coding on Linux though and I would like something that “just works” with Linux. I’m going to have to do more research. Perhaps System76 might give a holiday deal… one can only hope.


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