Dropping MSN

So I finally did it. I will use the MSN protocol no more. It is horrendous, continually dropping me no matter what client I use. Probably the only client that can use the protocol properly is MSN’s own Live Messenger, which doesn’t work on Linux, and is a bloated piece of crap. And I’m not even sure if it works flawlessly even then.

Anyway, after deleting my Facebook (it was becoming more and more pointless, as well as a liability) I take another step into internet solitude and am using only Google Talk. Sure I lose 99% of my contacts on MSN, but like most people, I never talked to them anyway.


2 Comments on “Dropping MSN”

  1. Yuda says:

    you could’ve said so earlier, BRO

  2. jdshu says:

    sorry BRO, but I figured your internet connection is giving you pains anyway.

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