Distracted Again

Got back from New York on Sunday. It was a fun trip, got to act all touristy. Times Square, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum and all that. The most interesting was the Hershey and M&M shops in Times Square. They are really evil. It was very disturbing watching children get indoctrinated in those shops.

Anyway, made some progress in 2D OpenGL stuff and I think I’m about ready to get the groundwork done for my next project. Was going to start today but I got really distracted b Project Euler. Now that I’m pretty confident with Python, actually solving the first batch of problems is pretty trivial but figuring out good algorithms is totally different – some of my programs take 5 minutes. I think this is a good way to improve my problem solving skills and maybe review some basics. On the other hand, its one more project I’ve taken on for myself.


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