Exam tomorrow

I’ve spent the past month preparing for the GRE and procrastinating. My high school level math is so shaky and slow it isn’t even funny. You would think that majoring in Math in college would make me comfortable with it, but college math and high school math are quite different.

I met a guy over the weekend through Ultimate Frisbee. Seems to be a smart guy with impressive education credentials, and he mentioned that he had some startup ideas that he wanted to collaborate on. After my exam I’ll look into it further, but it sounds pretty interesting.

La Vida – We have a new website built on WordPress. For the actual game, we’re moving all the 3D code to Soya3D which is very easy to use although the available features are a little bit dated. That doesn’t matter too much though because now we’re just trying to get something working first. I guesstimate that we’ll start working on the serious stuff  (read: visible progress) in a week or two.

For now, time to study.


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