I probably have ADD

I was supposed to work on this stuff and release something four days ago, but I got distracted. On the ubuntu forums I found a thread where people were creating a sims-like game for Linux called La Vida and curious, I checked it out. My immediate reaction was that there was something that I could quickly modify for the better, so I did and sent my first patch ever to an open source project. One thing led to another and now I’m a member of the development team and I’ve been spending all my free time on it instead of Visnovel. It is very rewarding when there are other more experienced people to discuss coding with. The link to the project site is below. I probably shouldn’t leave Visnovel alone for long periods of time either, so I’ll try to work on it regularly as well and make sure its moving. This is why I will never understand bored people.



2 Comments on “I probably have ADD”

  1. manny says:

    you’re seeking more experience which is good

    is cool to see how fast one can become part of the team 🙂

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