Why deadlines are important.

Because I commute to Boston, I read many books these days. The current book is Predictably Irrational, by behavioral economist Dan Ariely. Its a great book and I recommend people to read it. More importantly, one of the chapters is about procrastination. Basically, we humans love to procrastinate – not news. However, we can do something about it and that is to have deadlines. The best kind of deadlines are those imposed by outside forces, such as your teacher or your boss. However, the next best thing is to impose deadlines on yourself, and preferably have some way to penalize yourself if you fail. Anyway, I am proof of this, because in the last week, I haven’t done anything on the game.

I can offer excuses, like how I’ve been studying for GREs, self learning various computer science courses, started up a different project with a friend etc. However, this is not stuff I could have done and not worked on the game. The reason, is that unlike before, I have not self imposed a deadline. Therefore, I will do that now. The next iteration of the program will be done this time next week. Details tomorrow.

On a completely unrelated note, Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx is beautiful. I’m not an aesthetics kind of guy, really, but I’m impressed. The ambiance theme, along with the shifting outer space backgrounds makes it really awesome.


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