All basic features finished!

I have finished all the features that make the engine usable, makes me feel accomplished! When I was writing it I thought I might call its a pre-alpha version of the game. However, seeing as I only have the minimal requirements of an engine and its incredibly limited, I think I’ll just call it Milestone 1.

Milestone 1 functionality:

  • Write the events in one big script file.
  • Load OGG Format Music
  • Load Background Graphic
  • Load Character Graphic
  • Load Text including Character Name
  • Load Choices
  • Make use of variables to determine whether to load the above items through a simple If/Endif structure.

As you can see… its not much. In addition, each of the functions mentioned are very limited and the script file is not forgiving. All stuff I’m going to have to work on.  My next task is to bring the stuff into git, which will be the first time that I use git for anything useful. Next I’ll try to see I can make it work on Windows, Finally, I’ll draft up the next set of goals for my next milestone.

All in all, quite happy with my productivity since my computer arrived.


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