Short run features

Heres a quick list of features that I hope to have in the engine.

  • Simple text scripting – Writing levels and scripts should be straightforward.
  • User defined variables and simple conditions – If/Then clauses in the script, and values to be compared.
  • Graphics and Backgrounds – Should be easily incorporated.
  • Music – Should also be easy to incorporate.
  • Cross platform – Should work on Windows and Linux.

Hopefully I can get the above done quickly and easily.


2 Comments on “Short run features”

  1. Yuda says:

    Is that hard? Cross platforms I mean…I guess I’m just used to seeing things being made for certain platforms for commercial and positioning purposes. So it’s more “special” to see programs and such being made to work for more than one OS

    • jdshu says:

      With the right tools (in my case glib) it is possible though it takes some care. For me, its just good practice in an important skill.

      Interestingly, portability is a big thing for startup software developers, especially game companies, because it increases the audience. For example the guys who made World of Goo made sure that it worked on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Wii because as a tiny 2-man company, marketing to only Windows users wouldn’t cut it.

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